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Welcome to The Honeystead Blog

I am excited to kick off our new website and share a more "behind the scenes" outlook at what we do here on the Honeystead. To start the blog.. Let me tell you a little more about myself- My name is Kaylee and I am a mother, wife, believer, beekeeper, gardener, homesteader, and content creator. I started sharing and documenting our story a few years ago on a few different media platforms. It wasn't to gain satisfaction from personal growth- yes I do smile when a friendly comment is shared from my viewers, but it was really to encourage others to consider living a more sustainable life.

The term "sustainable" can be completely intimating to a new comer, because the range is so vast and can very among each person. From starting a seed or having a few chickens, to maybe even becoming a beekeeper - you are living a more sustainable life! Here is the part that I don't think many people consider and 2020 sure proved this to me. The emotional/mental health of living a more sustainable life. I'm writing from my own personal experience and can not speak for everyone, but my homestead saved me this year. My bees listened to worries, my garden grew as the fear of finding food took over me, my farm was my church, and my viewers needed my content more than I realized.

Many of you experienced lockdown this year that I could never truly fathom. Yes, we had regulations and shut downs as well, but on the farm- I didn't feel like I was restricted. I would go about my day and do our daily farm chores with a camera in my hand. It didn't sink in until I started reading comment after comment about how my youtube channel was "their escape." My 15 minutes of filming helped people break away from their four walls and emerse themselves in my little world that they looked foward to be a part of. I've become fond of many of my viewers and look forward to hearing and seeing what they are doing, whether it is planning their own garden or dreaming of their own homestead... but in full disclouser, you all helped me along the way as well. My viewers/ my friends.. you guys made me realize how much I needed to keep sharing and planting those seeds.

Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and learn something old.


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